Two-tape system for the field joint coating of pipelines and pipeline components.

  • Real co-extruded three-ply tape.
  • Ideal for coatings in distribution networks.
  • Outstanding formability offered by inner and outer tape.
  • Fulfils stress class B 30 in accordance with EN 12068.
  • Approval by Gaz de France (FR) for stress class R (RV02).
BUTYLEN-E10/-090 is a durable corrosion prevention system for pipelines and pipeline components. BUTYLEN-E10/-090 is optimised to meet the requirements of urban supply networks. The high degree of flexibility and elasticity of BUTYLEN-E10 and BUTYLEN-090 enables rapid and safe application of the field joint coating system on pipeline components such as T-pieces and house connection fittings. The system is also ideal for small nominal pipe diameters.

BUTYLEN-E10/-090 : Industries and solutions

BUTYLEN-E10/-090 is a corrosion prevention system for field joint coating and complete pipe insulation, designed specifically for urban supply networks. The optimised system structure is specifically designed for use with small nominal pipe sizes, fittings and T-pieces.BUTYLEN-E10/-090 is approved in accordance with EN12068 and Gaz de France specification RV02, which proves the high quality and exceptional user-friendliness of the product.

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