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FERMADUR® Compression seals

FERMADUR® compression seals create a reliable and safe seal in joints using restoring forces, which are created by the deformation of the sealing profile when it is installed in the joint. FERMADUR® compression seals can be fitted quickly and easily in any weather conditions, and even at water pressures of up to 1.0 bar.


GOMEX® Profiles

GOMEX® Profiles are superior moulded parts made of elastomer, elastomer-metal-combination or PVC. GOMEX® Profiles fulfill the highest industry standards. They are used as sealing systems for cable and pipe entry points as well as in different applications in various industries.


REINAU® Bitumen-based hot pouring compounds

REINAU® bitumen-based hot pouring compounds reliably and permanently seal joints in asphalt, concrete and paving stones. They have also been used successfully worldwide as joint pouring compounds for railway joints to asphalt and concrete.


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