Protecting soil to air interface areas

Not as simple as it seems

The area of a pipeline where it transitions from underground to above-ground, known as the "soil to air interface area", must withstand challenging conditions: This area must be protected against the different types of corrosion that occur both underground and above-ground. For corrosion prevention solutions to be successful, they must also balance out pipe movement and mechanical loads, for example the damage caused by a lawnmower hitting the surface. 
LIQUITOL<sup>®</sup>-FK2 C

Protection against corrosion and damage

Our LIQUITOL®-FK2 C is a quick and reliable solution that can be applied directly to metallic blank steel,  without using a primer. The product's high stability combined with good stretching capacity provide maximum resistance to mechanical and corrosive loads at  temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F). 


Long service life despite UV exposure

Our PALIMEX®-AL/PB sealing tapes provide maximum UV protection for above-ground pipes, while also guarding against damage caused by water vapour and oxygen. The metallic surface of the tape reflects sunlight, reducing the surface temperature of the coating material to increase its service life significantly. 

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