Two-component, fuel-resistant pouring compound for joints in asphalt and concrete surfaces in storage plants.

  • Approved for storage plants.
  • Only one primer for all contact surfaces.
  • Free of solvent.
  • Officially approved for use on asphalt surfaces.

LIQUITOL®-VT consists of a two-component polyurethane-based material. LIQUITOL®-VT hardens elastically and is self-levelling. In accordance with the DIBt approval guidelines, LIQUITOL®-VT is resistant to petrol, aircraft fuel, heating oil, diesel, unused motor and transmission oils, mineral acids up to 20%, inorganic lyes, watery solutions of inorganic salts, biodiesel and AdBlue.

LIQUITOL®-VT : Industries and solutions

LIQUITOL®-VT is the first joint sealant with DIBT approval for use in asphalt, and has been successfully deployed for many years to seal joints and seams in asphalt and concrete.

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