Mechanical protective coating for the welding seam area on plastic pipes, especially suited to trenchless laying techniques.

  • Outstanding protection of welding seams on plastic pipes.
  • High mechanical stability and abrasion resistance.
  • Simple, safe application using two-component cartridges.
  • Rapid curing.
  • LIQUITOL®-HK7 is a rapidly curing, mechanically hard-wearing coating based on polyurethane. LIQUITOL®-HK7 is characterised by its high abrasion resistance and impact strength.
  • Thanks to these properties, LIQUITOL®-HK7 is an ideal protective encasement in the welding seam area on plastic pipes that have protective wrappings.

LIQUITOL®-HK7 : Industries and solutions

LIQUITOL®-HK7 is ideal for coating welding seams on wrapped plastic pipes and pipelines that are installed using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or (rocket) pipe-plough method (trenchless installation). This solution has been proven as exceptionally effective in construction projects across the world, with its balanced property profile and easy application from a two-chamber cartridge, combined with a special casing system.

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