MarineProtect-2000 FD

Protection against corrosion and weather for piles made of metal, concrete or wood.

MarineProtectTM-2000 FD is a system solution for protection against corrosion and weather on piles or pipes that are partly submerged in water. It is ideal for use in strongly corrosive environments in which conventional paint systems and coatings are inadequate. MarineProtectTM-2000 FD can be used in many ways: it can be applied problem-free on piles made from metal, concrete or wood, and can be adapted to round or hexagonal piles.

MarineProtect-2000 FD : Industries and solutions

MarineProtect-2000 FD on jetty supports in the Black Sea

MarineProtectTM-2000 FD is a system solution for corrosion protection in ports and domestic ports. Piles on piers and landing bridges, which are subject to high corrosive and mechanical loads, can be protected using the easily applied MarineProtectTM-2000 FD system. As a pier and harbour protection system, MarineProtectTM-2000 FD has been used successfully for many years in the Caribbean, the Atlantic, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

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