DEPROTEC® Mechanical protection systems

As an additional highly resistant mechanical protection for the corrosion prevention systems of DEKOTEC, rockshields, quick-setting protective bandages or GRP-systems can be used.

DEPROTEC®-DRM Rockshield

DEPROTEC®-DRM rockshields and protective hoses are applied over corrosion prevention coatings to provide outstanding additional protection against mechanical loads.


DEPROTEC®-GFK Protective casing

High mechanical stress-resistant, light-curing GRP protective casing for trenchless pipeline installations, e.g. when laying by pipe driving or pipe ramming


DEPROTEC®-GFK System Corrosion prevention

Mechanically highly resistant corrosion prevention system for pipelines, consisting of a BUTYLEN anti-corrosion coating and the DEPROTEC®-GFK protective casing, when laying in trenchless pipeline installations, such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or pipe-plough methods.


DEPROTEC®-PUR Protective bandage

Glass fibre bandage for additional mechanical protection of anti-corrosion coatings.


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