Coating and rehabilitation

Solutions for maximum safety

Steel pipes are coated with a corrosion prevention system, either at the factory or on the construction site. Alongside a simple application process, factors such as a long service life and, in particular, reliable protection against corrosion and mechanical loads are key. The rehabilitation of coatings on complete pipelines or sections of pipeline takes place while the pipe is in operation, so the pipe does not have to be taken out of service, which is an exercise that can prove costly. Due to the risk of explosion, only cold-processed corrosion prevention systems can be used in these applications. To put the pipeline back into full operation quickly, the process for applying the product must be rapid and simple. The universal SEALID® All-in-1 solution provides comprehensive protection in just one step with cold application.

SEALID<sup>®</sup> All-in-1
SEALID® All-in-1

All-in-1 – the universal protection solution

SEALID® All-in-1 makes pipe coating and rehabilitation a whole lot easier! The patented innovation protects against corrosion and mechanical loads with just one product, in just one step, without a primer, and satisfies all relevant standards. No time-consuming preparation, no additional products for mechanical protection - you simply wrap the tape by hand or using the DEKOMAT®.


Coating at the factory or on the construction site

As a spray coating that is reliable and quick to apply, the solvent-free solution LIQUITOL®-FK2 can be applied in the factory or on the construction site during restoration work or in new installations. The product's exceptional hardness combined with just the right amount of stretch provide optimum resistance to mechanical and corrosive loads at temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F). 


Rehabilitation – Millions of metres of success

Operational pipelines can be protected against corrosion and mechanical impact quickly and permanently using cold-processed BUTYLEN-PE/butyl tapes. The layers of the tape fuse together, due to the 3-ply structure, to create a protective hose that is fully sealed. Immediately after application, the pipeline can be operated at full load. Many millions of metres of BUTYLEN-PE/butyl tapes successfully protect pipelines across the world. 

Almost a century of reliable corrosion prevention

Our cold-processed PLASTELEN® tapes have been protecting pipelines against corrosion for almost a century, particularly pipelines under load and with a condensate film forming on the surface. In 1927, with the invention of passive corrosion prevention for pipelines in the form of petrolatum tape, we set an industry quality standard that is still recognised today. 

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