Polyurethane coating for corrosion prevention on buried steel pipes, fittings and containers and for soil to air interface areas.

  • For operating temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F).
  • Outstanding balance of flexibility and hardness.
  • Fulfils EN 10290.
  • Can be used as a factory or construction site coating.
  • Solvent-free.
  • LIQUITOL®-FK2 is a two-component polyurethane coating for application using the airless hot spray processes.
  • LIQUITOL®-FK2 is ideal for permanent corrosion prevention on buried steel pipes, fittings and containers. LIQUITOL®-FK2 is also suitable for use in challenging soil to air interface areas around pipelines.
  • LIQUITOL®-FK2 can be used as a factory coating or applied on the construction site.

LIQUITOL®-FK2 : Industries and solutions

LIQUITOL®-FK2 rehabilitation of a gas station

LIQUITOL®-FK2 is used to provide permanent corrosion protection on buried pipelines, fittings and containers, for challenging soil to air interface areas and for the repair of corrosion prevention coatings in power stations and pipeline station construction applications. Across the world, LIQUITOL®-FK2 has consistently proven its outstanding properties, high hardness and good stretch capacity. The product offers exceptional resistance to mechanical damage.

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