System for restoring pipeline integrity using carbon composite materials.

  • Permanent restoration of integrity of pipeline systems (confirmed by TÜV certification IS-AN11-MUC/ml-1915).
  • Restore during operation – with no interruptions.
  • For operating temperatures of up to +70°C (+158°F).
  • Satisfies the requirements of ISO/TS 24817 [2006].

DEXPAND®-CF70 is a repair system for pipelines with a diameter of ≥ 2 inches (≥ DN50). Designed to significantly extend the life of the pipeline, the product returns damaged pipes to their original level of structural integrity. It is suitable for repairing damaged areas where at least 20% of the wall thickness remains – regardless of the original wall thickness and strength values. The system is comprised of the filling compound DEXPAND®-CF70 Putty and DEXPAND®-CF70 Primer, combined with the high-strength mechanical reinforcement of DEXPAND®-CF70 Carbon fabric and DEXPAND®-CF70 Wetout. To create a secure joint with corrosion protection that will last for decades, finish the repair with the BUTYLEN corrosion protection tape system.

DEXPAND®-CF70 : Industries and solutions

With DEXPAND®-CF70, you can repair damaged pipelines so that they can be returned to permanent and reliable operation at the original maximum operating pressure. Repairs can be carried out during operation, so there is no need to stop the lines flowing – which can be time-consuming and expensive. DEXPAND®-CF70 is also resistant to sea water, therefore it can be used in offshore applications.

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