Powerful solutions for the toughest challenges

Runways are subject to extreme loads, bearing the weight of exceptionally heavy planes in quick succession. Flight traffic continues even in poor weather conditions. Repairs have to live up to high expectations: They need to cope with very large mechanical loads and enable the runway to be reopened to traffic swiftly. 

TOK<sup>®</sup>-CRETE 45 V2.0
TOK®-CRETE 45 V2.0

TOK®-Crete 45 V2.0 is the ideal solution for securing under-floor lighting at airports, as it adheres well to the ground surface and the treated area can be opened to traffic just 45 minutes after application.  The material boasts exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw loading with or without de-icing agents. 

TOK<sup>®</sup>-BSW System
TOK®-BSW System

The TOK®-BSW System is the world's first reliable solution for sealing joints on protective walls. It protects the joints in noise barriers, forming a screen against UV damage and weathering.



LIQUITOL®-VT can be used on joints in surfaces that by law must be resistant to aircraft fuel, engine and transmission oil and diesel. 

TOK<sup>®</sup>-BAND SK

During urgent repairs, joints and seams can be sealed rapidly and permanently using TOK® bitumen products and repair mortars. As a self-adhesive bitumen joint tape, TOK®-Band SK enables you to save a significant amount of time and money without having to go through the time-consuming primer application process. Thanks to exceptionally fast processing, the site can be reopened soon after completion of the work. As the first self-adhesive bitumen joint tape on the market, TOK®-Band SK is easy to apply without using a burner.