BUTYLEN-W/ -W+/ -WP Mastic

Butyl rubber mastic for the filling of cavities and the forming of transitions for corrosion prevention coatings with BUTYLEN tape systems.

  • Seals cavities reliably.
  • Easily adaptable to edges and chamfers.
  • Works well with all BUTYLEN tapes.
  • Permanently plastic.
  • BUTYLEN-Mastic is a permanently plastic butyl rubber filling mastic, which can be formed by hand, for smoothing uneven surfaces before the application of BUTYLEN tapes.
  • BUTYLEN-Mastic is ideal for smoothing uneven surfaces caused by factors such as high weld seams.

BUTYLEN-W/ -W+/ -WP Mastic : Industries and solutions

Evening out excess pipe weld seams using BUTYLEN-Mastic
Suitable for use in any industry, BUTYLEN-Mastic is a universal product that smoothens out uneven surfaces and protruding weld seams prior to coating with BUTYLEN tapes. BUTYLEN-Mastic self-amalgamates with BUTYLEN tapes to reliably seal cavities and gaps and provide permanent corrosion protection. Common applications include the filling of chamfers in T-pieces and protruding pipeline weld seams and sealing around cable outlets from the field joint coating.

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