These symbols help you to understand the features of our products at a glance.

Product: Thickness in [mm]

System: Thickness in [mm]

Operating/processing temperature in Celsius (Fahrenheit)

Design temperature in Celsius (Fahrenheit)

Application: with spray head

Application: no primer

Application: with brush/spatula

Application: with compressed air

Application: manual

Application: cold (without flame)

Application: hot (with flame)

Product: rapid hardening / quickly ready to use

Product: remains elastic

Product: remains solid

Product: water-permeable

Product: suitable for damp surfaces

Product: resistant to UV light

Product: resistant to fuel

Product: self-adhesive on one side

Product: odour-free

Product: solvent-free

Product: high tensile strength

Product: hardness (Shore Hardness)

Product: fulfils stress class

Product: tested in accordance with VDV 6201

Product: complies with DIN/EN standard

Product: complies with ZTV Fug-StB

Product: complies with ISO 21809-3

Product: complies with ISO/TS 24817