Polyurethane insulation plate for the electrical insulation of pipelines and fittings.

  • High resilience and durability.
  • High electrical resistance.
  • Prevents voltage drops.
  • High thermal and chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for fitting foundations, for insulating cable crossings and as root protection.
  • LIQUITOL®-IPL insulation plates provide excellent electrical insulation and form a reliable electrical separation between cathodic protected pipelines and foundations made from concrete. This insulation prevents voltage drops.
  • The cross-linked molecule structure of the polyurethane results in high mechanical resilience, low creep and high durability.

LIQUITOL®-IPL : Industries and solutions

LIQUITOL®IPL insulation plates cover a wide application spectrum, from plant and machine construction and electrics to use as a root protection mat. LIQUITOL®-IPL insulation plates can be used in any application that requires outstanding electrical insulation properties combined with very good thermal and chemical resistance and a high resistance to mechanical stresses (fitting foundations (sliding feet), insulation of pipelines at cable crossings). The success of LIQUITOL®-IPL insulation plates has been proven across the world.

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