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Almost a century ago, the mother company of DEKOTEC GmbH developed the world’s first reliable, passive corrosion prevention system for pipelines: The Petrolatum tape (PLASTELEN®-Tape) quickly became a synonym for all tapes of this style. Nowadays, the company acts as specialist for passive corrosion protection products and repair systems, which extend the service life of pipelines and complete the portfolio, which ranges from field-joint coatings for newly laid pipelines to complete pipeline coatings. Our products for existing pipeline restorations and new pipeline sections, as well as repair systems for the restoration of pipeline integrity, are all certified system solutions. Since 1927, our systems have been successfully protecting millions of metres of pipeline against corrosion all over the world. The new, universal SEALID® All-in-1 Tape is the first to combine comprehensive protection against corrosion and mechanical loads in a single product with just one step.

SEALID<sup>®</sup> All-in-1
SEALID® All-in-1

The SEALID® All-in-1 Tape is the first to protect your pipelines against both corrosion and mechanical loads in just one step and with just one product. It is extremely easy to apply by hand and does not involve any time-consuming preparations, primers or additional protection or devices. With a single wrapping process the leading international standards ISO 21809-3 and EN 12068 are met.


DEXPAND® pipeline repair systems restore damaged pipelines to their original structural integrity, significantly extending their service life in the process. Repairs can be carried out while operation is ongoing, so there is no need to disconnect the pipeline: Providing a time-saving and cost-effective solution for a long pipe life.


DEKOTEC® shrink sleeves have been proven to provide reliable protection for field joints on pipes and pipelines around the world. The sleeves are of exceptionally high quality and are easy and quick to apply. The self-healing properties of DEKOTEC®-BTS60 can repair minor mechanical damage to the coating.

Our BUTYLEN-PE/butyl tapes and mastics are proven solutions for permanent corrosion prevention on pipes, weld seams and moulded parts in new installations or rehabilitation projects. BUTYLEN tapes can be applied without tools and are self-amalgamating, with the fused layers forming a water and oxygen-tight protective hose.
Our PLASTELEN® petrolatum tapes and mastics provide reliable long-term corrosion protection for metallic surfaces and constructions. The permanent plastic tapes are highly flexible, while the mastics effectively fill cavities to provide protection from the inside.
Our high-performance LIQUITOL® polyurethane coatings can be applied using a brush or sprayed on, providing the ideal protection for buried pipelines and components. LIQUITOL® products are ideal for coating weld seams during trenchless installation, as they possess high abrasion and shear strength.

VivaxCoat® is applied directly to wet pipelines that are situated in areas where humidity is high, which causes a film of moisture (condensate) on pipes. The coating can even be applied while pipes are under load, so there is no need for costly waiting periods while pipes are taken out of service.


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