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At first glance, you may not think that farmers and road construction experts have much in common. But with the 2013 launch of TOK®-Sil Resist, an innovative joint compound for biogas plants, a new partnership was born between DEKOTEC and the agricultural industry.

Renewable energy sources are key to doing business sustainably and using valuable resources in an environmentally friendly way. In the agricultural sector in particular, biogas plants represent an excellent source of renewable energy, as they use the by-products of land and animal farming to generate electricity. In early 2000, there were around 1000 plants in Germany and since then, numbers have increased exponentially, rising to 7500 by 2013. There are strict legal regulations surrounding the construction and maintenance of biogas plants as substances such as liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent, which could all cause harm to watercourses, cannot be allowed to seep through into the ground. Silage effluent in particular is a highly aggressive substance due to its acidity levels, and will attack joints in biogas plants and on storage sites. The resulting joint damage can result in silage effluent leaking out, which in turn puts the safety of drinking water at risk.

DEKOTEC is the world's first manufacturer to develop a solution to this problem: TOK®-Sil Resist.

Simple joint filling
Simple joint filling
This new joint compound is safe and resistant to the hazardous substances against which it protects. The product can be used for horizontal and vertical joints, and at the critical intersection between the two – a feature that is completely unique in the industry. Conventional solutions usually require applying a hot product to horizontal ground joints, while a cold joint sealant is applied to vertical wall joints. Where these two incompatible compounds meet, each reduces the effectiveness of the other – eventually resulting in a weak, leaky joint. The hazardous substances contained in the pipes are then able to seep out into the environment and surrounding watercourses. 
With TOK®-Sil Resist, a single-component joint compound for vertical and horizontal joints, there is no risk of materials failing due to incompatibility – the joint will remain permanently resistant to acidic substances. The product adheres well to asphalt, concrete or steel.

With the development of TOK®-Sil Resist, DEKOTEC is making an important contribution to the supply of sustainable energy.

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