BUTYLEN-Primer Corrosion prevention primers

Solvent-based BUTYLEN-HT/-MT Primer is an integral part of all BUTYLEN tape systems.The primer is applied beforeBUTYLEN tapes are wrapped around the metal surface and the adjacent factory coating. It offers optimal adhesion for tapes and significantly improves the peel strength and resistance against cathodic disbondment. The portfolio of primers consists of BUTYLEN-HT and -MT primers, which have been developed for cold and warm climatic conditions. The innovative BUTYLEN-HT100 Primer was specially developed for application at extremely high temperatures of up to +100°C (+212°F).


Solvent-based primer for BUTYLEN tapes and tape systems


BUTYLEN-HT100 Primer

Solvent-based primer for the BUTYLEN-AS40 HT high temperature tape system.


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