Bitumen-based, weather-resistant joint compound system for creating permanent seals on joints in concrete protective walls.

  • Permanent and weather-resistant.
  • UV and ozone-resistant.
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 14188-Part 1, Type N2.
  • For new constructions and repairs.
  • The TOK®-BSW is a joint sealing system for joints in concrete protective walls.
  • The TOK®-BSW is comprised of three components designed to work together: TOK®-BSW Primer (primer applied before joint compound), TOK®-BSW Mastic (high-performance bitumen compound) and TOK®-BSW Protect (highly weather-resistant bitumen compound).

TOK®-BSW : Industries and solutions

Schiersteiner Brücke, A 643

The TOK®-BSW is used to seal protective walls, particularly concrete protective walls (barriers) on motorways and major roads. The TOK®-BSW can be used in newly constructed and repaired concrete protective walls.

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