DEPROTEC®-PUR Protective bandage

Glass fibre bandage for additional mechanical protection of anti-corrosion coatings.

  • Increases mechanical resistance of coatings.
  • High protection against cutting.
  • Fast curing within 20 minutes.
  • Ready-to-use – no laminating necessary.
  • For temperatures up to +110°C (+230°F).
  • DEPROTEC®-PUR is a glass fibre bandage for the additional mechanical protection of coatings and field joint coatings that prevent corrosion.
  • The glass fibre fabric is soaked in a polyurethane resin. The fabric hardens – depending on the ambient conditions – within approximately 20 minutes to form a hard and permanent protective encasement. Fully cured 24 hours after application.
  • DEPROTEC®-PUR can be processed quickly and easily and, thanks to its flexibility during processing, it can also be used for complex geometries.

DEPROTEC®-PUR Protective bandage : Industries and solutions

DEPROTEC®-PUR on a flange in Qatar
DEPROTEC®-PUR can be used where anti-corrosion coatings are subjected to strong mechanical stresses. DEPROTEC®-PUR increases impact resistance and indentation resistance significantly and offers very good protection against cutting. High humidity is no challenge for this product – in fact, the solution even hardens more quickly in humid conditions. DEPROTEC®-PUR has proven its exceptional quality characteristics and usability across the world, even in hot and humid countries such as Qatar.

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