Carriage and container construction

Long service life is a testament to high quality

In carriage and container construction, DEKOTEC products are used for permanent and reliable insulation that provides long-lasting protection against moisture and corrosion. The high-quality products create sealing, intermediate layers between the individual components of containers and railway carriages. The components are connected force-fit using screw connections and securely sealed with DEKOTEC®-RW 120 to protect against corrosion. DEKOTEC®-RW 120 meets Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) standard DB-TL 91863. 

PALIMEX<sup>®</sup>-RW 120

Thanks to their high vibration damping capacity and tensile strength, the self-adhesive insulating tapes PALIMEX®-K/FK are ideal for railway construction applications. They provide an exceptional seal on connections between prefabricated construction parts made of metal, plastic and glass.


The insulation and multi-purpose tapes PALIMEX®-Alltape, DEKOTEC®-Anker and PALIMEX®-170 adhere exceptionally well to a wide range of surfaces, and are used for insulation, bundling, affixing, labelling and sealing.