Self-adhesive, plastic, butyl rubber-based insulation and sealing tape.

  • High electrical insulation.
  • Galvanic isolation.
  • Especially high adhesive force without pre-treatment of the surface or using a primer.
  • Vibration damping.
  • Highly tear resistant.
  • Suitable for temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F).
  • PALIMEX®-K is a self-adhesive, plastic insulation and sealing tape made from adaptable butyl rubber, with single-sided installation adhesive and a release layer.
  • Das PALIMEX®-K is adhesive on both sides, making it an ideal solution for use between metal parts.

PALIMEX®-K : Industries and solutions

PALIMEX®-K is ideal as an insulation solution in wagon and container construction, and can be used to protect ventilation and cooling systems and to seal joints in ventilation, climate control and electrical technology applications. In particular, the ability of PALIMEX®-K to provide galvanic insulation between different metals, thanks to its high electrical resistance and exceptional operating temperature range of -50 to +80°C (-58 to +176°F), make PALIMEX®-K a unique solution for a range of industrial applications.

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