Highly effective corrosion protection and sealing system for the transition area from steel to concrete in above-ground tank bases.

  • For operating temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F).
  • Easy processing by hand. Solvent-free.
  • Application without pretreatment, even on damp surfaces.
  • Flexible and adaptable even with tank movements.
  • Weather resistant sealing of steel and concrete.

The PLASTELEN®-TB System is a reliable corrosion protection and at the same time a permanent seal for the transition area between steel and concrete in above-ground tank bases.

You simply apply the solvent-free product without drying or preheating, as it is even suitable for damp surfaces. Even with tank movements and temperature changes, the system remains flexible and adaptable.  The weather-resistant system considerably extends the life of the tank. All necessary components are already included in the system for reliable protection: PLASTELEN®-TB Primer as a primer and thus the first corrosion protection layer, PLASTELEN®-TB Mastic to fill any gaps and level out unevenness, PLASTELEN®-TB Tape as a permanent corrosion protection coating and finally PLASTELEN®-TB ProtectTape as a mechanical protective coating and carrier for UV protection. You can apply the UV-resistant paint you use for the tanks as the final layer or use PLASTELEN®-TB AcrylCoat, which is optionally available in many colours.

PLASTELEN®-TB System : Industries and solutions

Corrosion protection of above-ground storage tanks with the PLASTELEN®-TB System

Use the PLASTELEN®-TB System for above-ground tanks in refineries. With these storage tanks there is a risk of water and air penetrating into the gaps between the lower steel plate and the concrete base. This is due to the thermal and/or physical movement of the tank, which can lead to cracks. This risk is further increased if water runs down the walls of the tanks due to condensation or precipitation and collects in the cracks within the base area.

Many tank farms are already exposed to progressive corrosion, they must be reparied or even replaced, which would be the worst case.. The PLASTELEN®-TB System provides excellent protection against corrosion and weathering. It protects the sensitive interface between steel and concrete and reliably and effectively prevents water ingress and corrosion.

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