TOKOMAT® & TOK®-Riegel – for finishing joints on milled and cut edges quickly and reliably.

  • Practical and flexible.
  • Fast and precise application of the bitumen joint tape.
  • Application speed of approx. 15 m/minute.
  • Also ideal for use around components and on concrete protective walls in accordance with ZTV Asphalt-StB.
  • The TOKOMAT® is a highly practical solution for unprocessed surfaces.
  • Using the extrusion tool, tried-and-tested over decades of use, the polymer-modified bitumen compound in the TOK® bars is applied on site to the appropriately pre-treated dry edge, at exactly the correct profile and height.

TOKOMAT®-process : Industries and solutions

TOKOMAT®: Asphalt replacement in 1 night

In Germany a large strain on federal motorway 81, one of the busiest roads, was replaced in just one night using the TOKOMAT®-process.
Read about the whole reference project here: asphalt, Germany, edition 4 | 2020, p.42.

Besides this project, the TOKOMAT® has been used successfully for decades in road and railway construction to quickly and permanently finish joints. The TOKOMAT® process has been proven over decades of use on countless motorways and national A-roads and in municipal applications across the world.

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