Hotmelt sleeve with extremely high temperature resistance for protecting welded seams on steel pipes against corrosion.

  • For operating temperatures up to +100°C (+212°F).
  • 3-layer system, equivalent to 3LPE.
  • Fulfils ISO 21809-3 (type 14B-2), EN 12068 (C100) and DIN 30672 (C100).
  • Excellent peel strength and lap shear strength.
  • High resistance against cathodic disbondment.
  • Compatible with the most common factory coatings.

DEKOTEC®-HTS100 is a heat-shrinkable sleeve for use at extremely high temperatures of up to +100°C (+212°F). It fulfils the requirements of ISO 21809-3 (14B-2) and EN 12068 in class C100.

The sleeve is comprised of a robust electron beam cross-linked polyethylene carrier film and a hotmelt coating. Thanks to the innovative composition, you will obtain a sleeve with excellent lap shear strength and high resistance against cathodic disbondment – with outstanding adhesion at the same time.

DEKOTEC®-HTS100 is usually used as a 3-layer coating system in conjunction with DEKOTEC®-EP Primer HT and is compatible with the most common factory coatings.

DEKOTEC®-HTS100 : Industries and solutions

DEKOTEC®-HTS100 used at extreme temperatures

The DEKOTEC®-HTS100 shrink sleeve is ideal for use as a field joint coating and pipe coating on oil and gas pipelines. Particularly at very high operating temperatures of up to +100°C (+212°F) and where there are special requirements for reliable resistance, it offers permanent corrosion protection and long component life.

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