Diverse protection

Insulation is used in a multitude of different ways: It isolates electrical currents, seals connections and housings, bundles or labels components and protects against moisture, heat, pressure or UV exposure. A challenge common to all of these applications is the ability of the insulation material to cope with high mechanical loads – and the need to find exactly the right material for the application in question. DEKOTEC offers an innovative range of product solutions for this diverse set of challenges.

Flexibility for sleeves and housings

Our flexible, self-amalgamating BUTYLEN-E/N tapes provide exceptional electrical insulation and can be used to seal cable sleeves, electrical housings and at roof and building entry points for power and telecommunications cables. 

Enduring protection despite UV exposure

Our PALIMEX®-AL/PB sealing tapes provide maximum UV protection for above-ground pipes, while also guarding against damage caused by water vapour and oxygen.  The metallic surface of the tape reflects sunlight, reducing the surface temperature of the encasement material to increase its service life significantly. 

A clear overview in electrical systems

The insulation and multi-purpose tapes DEKOTEC®-Alltape, DEKOTEC®-Anker and Palimex®-170 are used in electrical engineering applications for bundling, affixing, labelling and sealing. 

Insulation with galvanic isolation

The highly tear-resistant and strongly adhesive DEKOTEC®-K/-FK tapes are ideal for creating electrically insulated seals and also provide galvanic isolation. 

Flexibility of use

The protective tape system PALIMEX®-880/-855 offers due to its flexible construction a combination of different thicknesses. With a simple application and a high UV-resistance, the system guarantees an electrical high isolated coating. 


Pressure lock in ventilation systems

PALIMEX®-2000 is the perfect solution in ventilation systems that need to withstand an overpressure of up to 5000 PA, meet the requirements of fire protection class 2, and be suitable for use at temperatures of up to +75° C (+167°F).

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