Self-adhesive butyl rubber tapes with a laminated, highly tear-resistant aluminium film for the sealing and insulation of above-ground applications, e.g. on pipe bridges or for soil to air interface areas.

  • UV resistant.
  • Lowers the surface temperature by reflecting the sunlight.
  • Highly tear resistant.
  • Highly adhesive butyl rubber coating for optimum bonding.
  • For temperatures up to +80°C (+176°F).

PALIMEX®-AL and PALIMEX®-PB are self-adhesive butyl rubber plastic tapes with laminated, polyester-reinforced, highly tear-resistant aluminium film in a silver gloss (PALIMEX®-AL) or matt grey (PALIMEX®-PB) finish. The highly adhesive coating made from butyl rubber adheres very well to all common materials and surfaces. Therefore surfaces, edges, folds and other transitions are completely covered and optimally sealed.

PALIMEX®-AL,-PB : Industries and solutions

PALIMEX®-AL and PALIMEX®-PB reflect solar radiation and therefore lower the surface temperature of the coating material. This means that the service life of the encasement material of pipelines can be increased significantly, especially in very warm countries with intensive sun radiation. Thanks to their metallic colours, PALIMEX®-AL and PALIMEX®-PB are also suitable for optically unobtrusive above-ground applications, such as on pipe bridges or to protect soil to air interface areas. PALIMEX®-AL and PALIMEX®-PB can also be used as insulation to protect ventilation and cooling systems and to prevent corrosion.

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