Two-tape system for the corrosion prevention coating of metal pipes and pipelines in accordance with DIN 30672 and EN 12068. Excellent tape elasticity for extreme corrosion conditions and extreme mechanical stresses.

  • Maximum mechanical protection and maximum corrosion prevention.
  • Exceeds the requirements of stress class C 50 in accordance with EN 12068.
  • Fulfils ISO 21809-3 (Type 12A-1), EN 12068 (C50) and DIN 30672 (C50).
  • Compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.
  • For temperatures up to +85°C (+185°F)
  • BUTYLEN-AS50/-R20HT is a cold-applied two-tape system with outstanding properties, for corrosion prevention on metal pipes and pipelines..
  • This unique tape system boasts an indentation resistance of ≥1.2mm and an impact resistance of ≥20J. BUTYLEN-AS50/-R20HT is virtually impermeable to water vapour and oxygen and resistant to soil bacteria and electrolytes

BUTYLEN-AS50/-R20 HT : Industries and solutions

BUTYLEN-AS50/-R20HT is ideal for field joint coating and pipe coating and rehabilitation on oil and gas pipelines. BUTYLEN-AS50/-R20HT has also been used with great success in transport line rehabilitation.

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