Self-amalgamating plastic tape based on butyl rubber for corrosion prevention and electrical insulation on pipes and metal parts.

  • Can be applied cold, no burner required.
  • High flexibility and adaptability.
  • Fast self-amalgamation.
  • Highly electrically insulating.
  • Oxygen and water impermeable.

BUTYLEN-E10 is a cold-applied, 1.0 mm-thick butyl rubber-based plastic tape for permanent corrosion prevention coatings and electrical insulation. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, BUTYLEN-E10 tape adapts perfectly to the substrate structure.  Due to these properties, BUTYLEN-E10 tapes are used in many application areas:

BUTYLEN-E10 : Industries and solutions

BUTYLEN-E10 is a plastic tape for a wide range of application areas.
In pipeline and installation construction, metal and vehicle engineering, electrical installations and building services technology, BUTYLEN-E10 has been used with great success by customers since its market launch.

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