Co-extruded three-ply plastic tape made from stabilised polyethylene carrier material with double-sided butyl rubber coating.

  • For operating temperatures up to +50°C (+122°F).
  • Real co-extruded three-ply tape.
  • DVGW-certified in system with BUTYLEN-R20 MP.
  • Virtually impermeable to water vapour and oxygen.
  • Outstanding price/quality ratio.
  • BUTYLEN-AS30 is a cold-applied corrosion prevention tape for metal pipes and pipelines with both small and large nominal pipe sizes.
  • BUTYLEN-AS30 is a real co-extruded three-ply plastic tape made from a stabilised polyethylene carrier material with butyl rubber adhesive on both sides. The inner butyl rubber coating fuses with the outer layer to form a hose-like encasement that is virtually impermeable to water vapour, soil bacteria and oxygen.

BUTYLEN-AS30 : Industries and solutions

BUTYLEN-AS30 used in conjunction with BUTYLEN-R20MP meets all requirements of stress class B 50 of EN 12068 and DIN 30672 and is DIN-DVGW certified. BUTYLEN-AS30 boasts an excellent price/quality ratio and is compatible with factory coatings made from PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen, making this product a versatile solution for applications ranging from field joint coating on pipelines to the encasement of uneven surfaces of large and small diameters, without impacting on the economic benefits of the product.

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