Permanently plastic, petrolatum-based, spatula-applied corrosion prevention mastic.

  • Superior, long-lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Suitable for refrigeration pipelines and plant.
  • Permanently plastic even at low temperatures.
  • Broad application temperature range of -100°C (-148°F) to +60°C (+140°F).
  • PLASTELEN®-KW is a permanently plastic, petrolatum-based corrosion prevention mastic.
  • PLASTELEN®-KW is optimised for corrosion prevention on cooling pipes and systems.
  • For example, PLASTELEN®-KW can be applied to halfshells or plates that are then attached as thermal insulation to refrigeration lines.
  • Thanks to the excellent stability exhibited by PLASTELEN®-KW, no additional fixing materials are required.

PLASTELEN®-KW : Industries and solutions

PLASTELEN®-KW is optimised for corrosion prevention on pipes and systems in the field of climate control technology. Thanks to the innovative formula and permanently plastic characteristics of PLASTELEN®-KW, the insulation and panelling can be easily removed, which ensures that the system remains accessible and significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs. In this way, PLASTELEN®-KW actively contributes to safe operation and financial success.

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