Meltable petrolatum-based corrosion prevention mastic for filling sleeve pipes on installation fittings.

  • Prevents voltage drops at linkages of installation fittings.
  • Makes locating defaults in active corrosion prevention possible.
  • Slide rods remain switchable even at low temperatures.
  • Processing at a relatively low temperature.
  • PLASTELEN®-KS is a permanently plastic petrolatum-based corrosion prevention mastic for the molten filling of sleeve pipes.
  • The mastic remains permanently plastic after solidifying, which means that the linkage can be actuated, even at low temperatures.
  • In order to maintain this good accessibility, the head of the linkage will not be filled completely. A PLASTELEN® petrolatum tape (e.g. PLASTELEN®-Tec or PLASTELEN®-Plast) can be used to create an encasement.

PLASTELEN®-KS : Industries and solutions

PLASTELEN®-KS is increasingly used in power station and pipeline station construction to prevent corrosion on fittings and flanges with sleeve pipes. Thanks to its innovative formula, PLASTELEN®-KS prevents the formation of voltage drops in cathodic protected lines and ensures that the linkage remains switchable, even at low temperatures. In this way, PLASTELEN®-KS facilitates the monitoring of pipelines and supports safe operation and financial success.

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