Co-extruded two-ply plastic tape made from stabilised polyethylene carrier material with single-sided butyl rubber coating.

  • DVGW-certified in system with BUTYLEN-N15.
  • Real co-extruded two-ply tape.
  • Flexible mechanical protection tape.
  • Compatible with factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.
  • BUTYLEN-PE5 is a real co-extruded two-ply plastic tape made from a stabilised black polyethylene carrier film with a butyl rubber coating on one side.
  • The tape thickness is ≥ 0.5 mm.
  • BUTYLEN-PE5 can be applied cold and provides mechanical protection for corrosion protection coatings made from BUTYLEN three-ply plastic tapes.
  • BUTYLEN-PE5 is used as an outer tape in the BUTYLEN-N15/-PE5 tape system, which is DVGW-certified.

BUTYLEN-PE5 : Industries and solutions

BUTYLEN-PE5 is primarily used as a mechanical protection tape over BUTYLEN three-ply plastic tapes, on components with complex geometries on pipelines and in power station and pipeline station construction applications. Thanks to its innovative properties and easy application, BUTYLEN-PE5 performs exceptionally well even on complex geometries, on factory coatings made of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE and bitumen.

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