TOK®-Melt SU

TOK®-Melt SU is a hard-elastic hot pouring compound based on bitumen.

  • Fulfils the requirements of VDV notice 6201 ("Bedding for rails").
  • Vibration-damping.
  • High softening point.
  • TOK®-Melt SU is a bituminous underlay pouring compound with high stability and resistance to surface pressure.
  • Thanks to its hard elastic properties, TOK®-Melt SU is vibration-damping and ensures that tram tracks are installed level, which helps to reduce noise.

TOK®-Melt SU : Industries and solutions

TOK®-Melt SU is used to finish joints in road and railway construction. Thanks to its excellent application and material properties, the product has been proven a highly effective solution. The product can be applied quickly and safely using conventional devices, making it a very economical solution.

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