Elastic hardening, vibration damping pouring compound with high shore hardness for rails and bollards.

  • Permanently hard-elastic.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Shore hardness A 85 ± 5.
  • Chemically and mechanically resistant.
  • Low deflection.
LIQUITOL®-SU 85 consists of a pourable, two-component polyurethane-based system that hardens to become elastic. LIQUITOL®-SU 85 is frost and road salt resistant. LIQUITOL®-SU 85 is ideal for use as a hard-elastic and vibration-damping pouring compound for grooved rails and filled section rails. The material is suitable for light traffic or when slight deflection is required in the system (e.g. as a pouring compound for machine components).

LIQUITOL®-SU 85 : Industries and solutions

The Shore hardness of LIQUITOL®-SU 85 is high, which allows the material to absorb vibration while keeping the sinking depth very low. The material has been deployed in road and railway construction as a pouring compound for tram tracks. LIQUITOL®-SU 85 insulates against leakage current. In Hanover (Germany), LIQUITOL®-SU 85 has been successfully used by ÜSTRA on the Ernst-August-Platz square.

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