Preventing corrosion on fittings and tanks

Protection for sensitive connections

In distribution stations of energy plants and in gas compression stations, valves, flanges and fittings connect the pipelines. In refineries, liquids or gases are stored in above-ground tanks, whose leakage must be reliably prevented.

These sensitive connections must be permanently protected against corrosion without impairing their functionality, while still allowing routine maintenance.


Optimum balance between strength and flexibility

LIQUITOL®-FK2 gives outstanding protection against corrosion in the sensitive areas around connections, providing an optimum balance between flexibility and hardness. LIQUITOL®-FK2 is a solvent-free coating that can be applied at the factory or on the construction site.
PLASTELEN<sup>®</sup>-PF Mastic

Easy maintenance for maximum cost efficiency

Cavities and uneven surfaces around fittings and flanges are high-maintenance areas – so reliable corrosion prevention is essential. For almost a century, these kinds of connections have been protected by PLASTELEN® petrolatum tapes and mastics
PLASTELEN<sup>®</sup>-TB System

Permanent sealing in the transition area between steel and concrete

Above-ground storage tanks are often exposed to high levels of corrosion: This is because air and water can penetrate through small gaps between the concrete base and steel plate. These corrosive media endanger the tanks, in the worst case they will get defective and have to be replaced at high cost. The PLASTELEN®-TB System is a highly effective corrosion protection and at the same time a permanent seal for the transition area between steel and concrete. You simply apply the solvent-free product without drying or preheating, as it is even suitable for damp surfaces. Even with tank movements and temperature changes, the system remains flexible and adaptable.


Safely encased in protective hoses

Cavities, uneven surfaces and gaps around fittings, flanges and T-pieces can be reliably sealed using BUTYLEN-Mastic. A BUTYLEN corrosion protection tape can then be applied to form a hose-like corrosion protection system around the pipe. 

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