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Restauration during operation

Figure 1: Restauration during operation

Product life cycle

Figure 2: Product life cycle

asphalt, Germany, issue 4, 2020

Figure 3: asphalt, Germany, issue 4, 2020

Less asphalt cracks with TOK<sup>®</sup>-Armabit SK

Figure 4: Less asphalt cracks with TOK®-Armabit SK

Protect the construction of asphalt on concrete

Figure 5: Protect the construction of asphalt on concrete

The Pipeline Industries Guild

Figure 6: The Pipeline Industries Guild

NEW Composite Repair DEXPAND®: Restore pipeline integrity

Damaged pipelines bring, in the worst case, entire pipeline operations to a halt: Corrosive media and mechanical stresses can cause serious defects in pipeline walls, which impair in turn the safety of the pipeline. So it is better to repair defects before they become a major problem. With the new Composite Repair System DEXPAND®-CF70, you can fully restore the structural integrity of the pipeline, allowing you to continue operations at the original, maximum operating pressure. You can even carry out restorations during ongoing operations (Fig.1) quickly and cost effectively. The system allows you to save time and prevent expensive pipeline shutdowns – to ensure a long-lasting pipeline life (Fig.2).

Would you like to know more? Get in touch with us and we will show you the unique function and process of the carbon composite system DEXPAND®-CF70.


The TOKOMAT®-process: Resurfacing asphalt in a single night

Federal motorway 81 is one of the busiest roads in Germany. As you can imagine, the abraison therefore is immense. Regular replacements with strict deadlines during moving traffic are necessary. The TOKOMAT®-process was used to resurface a very long stretch of motorway 81 in just one night – reducing the risk of dangerous accidents and nerve-wracking traffic jams. The TOKOMAT® laid the joint material extremely quickly and precisely along the edge at 100% on profile and height of the joint edge. Unlike cutting and pouring process, no second step was required and the work area did not have to be cordoned off again. The traffic lane was used immediately after the cooling down of the asphalt. You too can cut construction time in half and reduce costs with the TOKOMAT®-process.

Find out how the construction companies involved evaluate this project and read the full article of the latest edition of asphalt, Germany, issue 4, 2020 (Fig.3) at the bottom of our TOKOMAT® page.


Solid construction right from the start – with TOK®-Armabit SK

Not only superficial visible cracks in the asphalt lead to damaged traffic lanes. Dangerous cracks also occur during construction work, especially for the build-up of asphalt on concrete layer. These pose a risk to safety. To stop this kind of damage before it starts, DEKOTEC offers the new asphalt reinforcement TOK®-Armabit SK. The reinforcement prevents cracks (Fig.4) from occuring and spreading from the binding layer to the cover layer, protecting the underlying concrete surface, which is then covered with asphalt (Fig.5). This means that the road can be used for a much longer period of time without requiring complex repair work. TOK®-Armabit SK is self-adhesive on the side applied to the asphalt, making it very easy and quick to use. Thanks to its high tensile strength, this product is extremely resistant to emerging cracks.

Read here to find out how you can ensure long-term protection for asphalt surfaces! 

TOK®-Armabit SK

Challenging pipeline construction & reliable corrosion protection

Building pipelines and stations with large nominal widths, tight deadlines and stringent environmental regulations is very challenging. Top quality and high efficiency levels are essential for protecting field joints, soil-to-air interfaces and fittings. Watch our video to find out how DEKOTEC products ensure safety at the EUGAL gas pipeline.


The Pipeline Industries Guild

DEKOTEC GmbH is a proud certified member of The Pipeline Industries Guild (Fig.6)! We aim to support the pipeline industry with our experience and our reliable, long-lasting corrosion protection solutions. Looking forward to new contacts and interesting discussions at Guild events!

Have a look on numerous DEKOTEC memberships.



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