Mailing: From the no. 1 for joint tapes

No. 1 for joint tapes

Figure 1: No. 1 for joint tapes

TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band SK

Figure 2: TOK®-Band SK

TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band A

Figure 3: TOK®-Band A

TOK<sup>®</sup>-Band SK N2

Figure 4: TOK®-Band SK N2

40 years of TOK® in sealing technology

In January 2017, DEKOTEC GmbH launched innovative new products, exactly 40 years after the introduction of the first TOK® bitumen joint tapes . The new TOK® tapes (Fig.1) make a crucial improvement to repairs to road damage as their application method means no primer is now required, with immediate effect. They are therefore significantly more efficient than ordinary bitumen joint tapes.

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TOK® tapes with no primer for the first time 

With immediate effect, the new TOK® tapes can be used to seal joints and seams in the asphalt without primer. Their innovative formulation means that it is very simple and quick to lay the tapes directly onto the cleaned asphalt edges. This means that laborious and time-consuming priming and air-drying of the edge of a joint is no longer necessary! Noticeably higher performance for road construction!

TOK®-Band SK
Now without primer. The globally successful, self-adhesive TOK®-Band SK (Fig.2) will now be applied directly to the edge for the first time. There is no need for laborious priming. No primer also means no hazardous substances that have special transport and storage requirements.

TOK®-Band A 
Can be applied in seconds. The innovative TOK®-Band A (Fig.3) is no longer melted on like other tapes, rather it is activated in seconds. You can apply the TOK®-Band A twice as quickly compared with meltable tapes.

TOK®-Band SK N2 
The greatest flexibility despite icy temperatures. The newly developed, self-adhesive TOK®-Band SK N2 (Fig.4) is ideally suited for use in autumn and winter.
Due to the special formulation, it is impressive thanks to exceptional flexibility, particularly at low temperatures.


For almost a century, DEKOTEC GmbH has built its reputation on high-quality and forward-thinking solutions for sealing technology and corrosion prevention. DEKOTEC products reliably protect road construction, buildings, pipelines and station construction long-term. The company has developed into an international group of companies, with branches in six European countries and sales partners in over 100 countries worldwide. The group is market leader in key Central European markets and is intensifying its dynamic growth in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

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