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EUGAL - Welded seam protection 

Fig.1 : EUGAL: How to simply and effectively protect a 56 inches pipeline from corrosion?

Fig.2: Pipe rehabillitation - new installation method in water

Fig. 3: TOK®-Sil Resist: Reliable joint formation in asphalt and concrete for all mobile silo types and slurry/manure plants

Fig.4: From left to right: Luc Perrad - Area Sales Manager, Rajeev Sharma - Technical Sales Manager, Ana Cervantes - Technical Sales Manager

How are weld seams on the EUGAL pipeline efficiently protected from corrosion?

Constructing natural gas pipelines is challenging: approx. 48 weld seams need permanent protection. DEKOMAT®-11 quickly and reliably wraps pipes of 1400 nominal width with BUTYLEN tapes. The wrapping machine, with an in-built petrol engine, applies the tapes almost automatically and works with the dual tape system in a single step

See for yourself! Take a look at how simple the tapes are to work with on this video!    

Pipe rehabillitation - new installation method in water 

The weld seams of a DN 1200 drinking water pipeline are encased in a diffusion-resistant protective hose as part of a new installation method that floats in water. Just ten minutes after the application of the BUTYLEN-AS50 tape, the pipe is pushed into a tunnel flooded with water.

Find out more about the background on the processes used in this article.

Improved groundwater protection with TOK®-Sil Resist  

DEKOTEC GmbH is the first company to receive approval for a bitumen-based joint system for asphalt and concrete. The solution protects biogas plants and mobile silos from hazardous liquid leakage. Make use of the benefits of TOK®-Sil Resist for your plants: 
- first-time protection both of concrete and asphalt joints,
- ideal for the interface between horizontal and vertical joints,
approved following joint development by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), Kiwa Polymerinstitut and DEKOTEC.

To the product!

Sales growth: Increased international focus    

Our three new colleagues are close to the customer and to the international growth markets: Luc Perrad can offer well-founded technical sales with more than 20 years of global sales experience. Rajeev Sharma, a proven industry expert, is responsible for the Middle East & Asia Pacific regions and is based in Dubai. Ana Cervantes is your point of contact for Latin America, with more than 25 years of extensive experience in the pipeline industry. We are looking forward to providing you with more comprehensive advice!


For almost a century, DEKOTEC GmbH has built its reputation on high-quality and forward-thinking solutions for sealing technology and corrosion prevention. DEKOTEC products reliably protect road construction, buildings, pipelines and station construction long-term. The company has developed into an international group of companies, with branches in six European countries and sales partners in over 100 countries worldwide. The group is market leader in key Central European markets and is intensifying its dynamic growth in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

More information is available at www.dekotec.com.


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