TOK®-Fill PA

TOK®-Fill PA is a repair asphalt used to fill in potholes and other imperfections in open-porous asphalt surfaces. Water permeability is retained in the installation areas.

  • Water permeable – for open-porous asphalt (OPA) surfaces.
  • Can be applied in all weathers, even at temperatures down to -10°C (+14°F).
  • Ideal for repairing potholes.
  • Quick reactive hardening.
  • Solvent and tar-free.
  • TOK®-Fill PA iis a reactive, high-performance mixture for damage in open-porous asphalt surfaces
  • The material consists of high-grade grit, grain-sized crushed sand and special bitumen.
  • The material hardens very quickly after application.
  • It is extremely stable and easy to apply

TOK®-Fill PA : Industries and solutions

TOK®-Fill PA has been successfully used to repair road surfaces and runways. As TOK®-Fill PA is open-porous, it can be used to repair defects in open-porous asphalt (OPA) surfaces and noise-reducing stone mastic asphalt (SMA LA).

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