TOK®-Band SK

Self-adhesive bitumen joint tape for joints and seams in asphalt road construction

  • The world's first self-adhesive bitumen joint tape.
  • No primer required.
  • No gas burner required for melting.
  • Tested in accordance with ZTV Fug-StB.
  • Quick and economical application.
  • Das TOK®-Band SK is a high-quality bitumen joint tape made of polymer-improved road bitumen, which has excellent stretching and adhesive properties.
  • TOK®-Band SK has a full-surface self-adhesive layer on one side and can therefore be laid quickly and securely 'cold', without having to use a gas burner.
  • TOK®-Band SK is used without primer. The product has been tested in accordance with TL/TP Fug-StB, and satisfies all of the requirements of this standard – even without primer. For improved adhesion, for example on dirty surfaces, there is the option to combine the product with TOK®-SK Primer.

TOK®-Band SK : Industries and solutions

TOK®-Band SK has been successfully applied for decades on joints and seams in asphalt/concrete. As a self-adhesive bitumen joint tape, TOK®-Band SK does not require any time-consuming melting processes or the use of a burner; the product securely adheres to the application surfaces, even when applied cold. What's more, there is no need to apply a primer either. With TOK®-Band SK, you save a significant amount of time and money. TOK®-Band SK is also ideal for joining asphalt to components such as slide bars and manhole covers.

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