TOK®-Band SK Drain

Self-adhesive bitumen joint tape for joints and connections in open-porous asphalt road surfaces.

  • The world's first self-adhesive bitumen joint tape for open-porous asphalt road surfaces.
  • Professional connection in the upper area and water-permeable in the lower area of the connecting edge.
  • A further development of the proven TOK®-Band SK.
  • Self-adhesive – no gas burner required for melting.
  • The patented TOK®-Band SK Drain is a high-quality bitumen joint tape made of polymer-improved road bitumen, which has excellent stretching and adhesive properties.
  • The joint tape has a self-adhesive layer on one side and can therefore be laid quickly and securely "cold", without having to use a gas burner. TOK®-Band SK Drain is water-permeable in the lower area of the connection surface thanks to its heat-resistant mesh tape.

TOK®-Band SK Drain : Industries and solutions

TOK®-Band SK Drain is used to finish joints and seams in asphalt/concrete in surfaces made of open-porous asphalt, and has been proven an effective solution over many years of use. In a research project conducted by a renowned university into seams in open-porous asphalt, TOK®-Band SK Drain produced the best results. The research results (available in German only) can be downloaded from the "Specialist reports" section of the Downloads area.

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