Cold-applied petrolatum tape in accordance with DIN 30672 and DIN EN 12068 to encase pipelines, pipeline components and metal structures to prevent corrosion.

  • Ideal for the complex surfaces of pipeline components.
  • High plasticity and flexibility.
  • For operating temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to +30°C (+86°F).
  • DIN-DVGW approved for stress class A 30 in accordance with DIN 30672 and EN 12068.
  • Easiest manual processing.
  • Reliable and permanent corrosion prevention.

PLASTELEN®-Plast is a cold-applied petrolatum tape that complies with DIN 30672 and DIN EN 12068 standards for corrosion prevention on fittings and flange connections and in pipelines situated underground and in water. Beyond pipeline construction, PLASTELEN®-Plast is used for metal structures, the grounding of lightning rods or pre-pressed anchors.

PLASTELEN®-Plast : Industries and solutions

PLASTELEN®-Plast corrosion protection at EUGAL

PLASTELEN®-Plast is used to prevent corrosion, for example as a field joint coating or pipe coating, and on fittings and flanges on pipelines (oil, gas and water) and in power station and pipeline station construction. The product is ideal for complex pipeline components.

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