Cold-applied corrosion prevention tape for mechanically unstressed pipelines and pipeline components at temperatures up to +120°C (+248°F).

  • For operating temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to +110°C (+230°F).
  • For design temperatures of -50°C (-58°F) to +120°C (+248°F).
  • High plasticity and flexibility.
  • Electrically insulating and diffusion-resistant.
  • No preheating of the surface required.
  • PLASTELEN®-Cal is a corrosion prevention tape based on polymer-modified petrolatum, and can be processed cold.
  • PLASTELEN®-Cal consists of an impregnated polyester fabric, which is coated on both sides with a corrosion prevention petrolatum mastic. The petrolatum mastic is stabilised by polymer additives and therefore permits temperatures of up to +120°C (+248°F).
  • PLASTELEN®-Cal boasts an exceptionally high peel strength compared to other petrolatum tape products, even at increased temperatures.

PLASTELEN®-Cal : Industries and solutions

PLASTELEN®-Cal is ideal for encasing pipes and pipelines and provides corrosion prevention for fittings and flange connections that transport hot media or are located in warm environments. The result of almost 100 years of experience, PLASTELEN®-Cal is renowned globally as proven corrosion prevention technology.

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