Petrolatum-based corrosion prevention mastic for coating metal substrates, even under the water surface.

  • For operating temperatures up to +70°C (+158°F).
  • Easy application even under water.
  • No drying time.
  • Easy and fast application.
  • Free of solvent and odour.
  • MarineProtectTM-Primer is the key corrosion protection element in the MarineProtectTM-100 and MarineProtectTM-2000 FD FD systems for protection against corrosion and weather on jetty piles in water and in the splash zone.
  • MarineProtectTM-Primer is based on a natural wax and allows the steel surface to be thoroughly coated, even under the water surface.

MarineProtect-Primer : Industries and solutions

MarineProtectTM-Primer is the key corrosion prevention element in all MarineProtectTM systems. During the application process, water is forced away from the steel surface without the need to use additional tools, creating a moisture barrier that prevents corrosion worsening.

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