Universal aluminium sealing tape with high adhesion.

  • UV resistant.
  • Optimal adhesion on a range of substrates.
  • Usable at temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F).
  • Reflects light and heat.
  • Ideally suited to sealing work on thermal insulation and ventilation ducting.
  • PALIMEX®-AL6 is a soft aluminium foil tape that is coated with an acrylic adhesive.
  • PALIMEX®-AL6 is impermeable to water vapour and oxygen, and resistant to UV radiation.
  • PALIMEX®-AL6 is as a UV protective tape for PE-coated pipes – an application specifically recommended by Gaz de France (FR).

PALIMEX®-AL6 : Industries and solutions

PALIMEX®-AL6 is ideal for adding UV protection to insulation and is also perfect for sealing aluminium-laminated insulation on ventilation ducting and pipelines. The special formula allows the product to be used at temperatures from -20 up to +110°C (-4 to +230°F) – which is further testament to the unique quality characteristics of PALIMEX®-AL6.

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