The automated DEKOMAT®-11, with electric or combustion engine, applies PALIMEX® protective tapes quickly and easily, even on full pipe lengths.

  • Automatic wrapping device.
  • Very fast application
  • Apply a two-tape system in just one wrapping process.
  • Portable.
  • The DEKOMAT®-11 is a portable, petrol-motor-driven automatic wrapping device.
  • The DEKOMAT®-11 is ideal for use when renovating pipeline sections and for field joint coatings in newly constructed pipelines. The device is equipped with two roll holders, enabling a two-tape system to be applied in a single application step.

DEKOMAT®-11 : Industries and solutions

DEKOMAT®-11 used on a gas transport pipeline

The DEKOMAT®-11 is a new development in the series of DEKOMAT® wrapping devices. The DEKOMAT®-11 was designed as a flexible and rapid application solution for PALIMEX® tape systems in field joint coating applications and pipeline coating and renovation work carried out along the full length of a pipe. The product is ideal for use on pipelines. Across the world, DEKOMAT® wrapping devices are synonymous with high-quality and cost-effective application.

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