REINAU®-SNV 164 1.2

REINAU® SNV 164 is a hot pouring compound based on polymer-modified bitumen.

  • Fulfils the requirements of DIN EN 14188-1, Type N2.
  • Fulfils the requirements of the current TL/TP Fug-StB.
  • Fulfils the requirements of Swiss quality standard SNV 671 625 a, Type KBH.
  • Meets American federal specification US Fed. Spec. SS-S-164.
  • Can be used for changes to joint gap widths of up to 25%.
REINAU® SNV 164 joint pouring compound Type N2 is used to cast reliable and permanent horizontal and slightly inclined joints in asphalt traffic-bearing road surfaces. This product is manufactured by TIB Chemicals AG for DEKOTEC GmbH. REINAU® is a registered trademark of TIB Chemicals AG.

REINAU®-SNV 164 1.2 : Industries and solutions

Over many years, REINAU®-SNV 164 has been proven an effective road and railway construction solution for finishing joints and seams in asphalt.

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