GOMEX®-Pal Ring

Sealing system comprised of elastomer O-rings for cable and pipeline building entry points.

  • Wide range of types.
  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Excellent sealing and high durability.
  • No hardening.
  • Free of solvent.
  • The GOMEX®-Pal Ring is a sealing system for use on wall ducts for pipelines and cables.
  • The GOMEX®-Pal Ring uses a high-quality elastomer material with a cell structure, and is available in a range of practical sizes for all of the common nominal pipe diameters used in house connections.

GOMEX®-Pal Ring : Industries and solutions

GOMEX®-Pal Rings are a quick and easy to install sealing solution that provides a professional finish around building entry points. Its exceptional mouldability and resulting high restoring forces make the GOMEX®-Pal Ring a reliable solution for sealing wall ducts. The GOMEX®-Pal Ring easily fulfils all requirements stated under DVGW process sheet G 459, DIN 1988 (water), VDE 0100 (power cables), VDE 0800 (telecommunications cables) and DIN 18 012.

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