GOMEX® Elastomer injection-moulded parts

Elastomer moulded parts and elastomer/metal moulded parts with a diverse range of applications in industry and technology.

  • High-quality moulded parts based on customer requirements.
  • Wide range of elastomer materials.
  • Metal/elastomer composites with outstanding durability.
  • Exceptional quality.
  • For over 30 years, GOMEX® has been synonymous with exceptional quality in moulded parts made from elastomers and metal/elastomer composites.
  • The range includes all common elastomers, such as NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, FPM and AEM/ACE. The composites are available in different colours and can be used to produce any type of visible part.
  • The range also includes elastomer/metal die cast parts, which combine rubber and metal to produce outstanding mechanical properties.

GOMEX® Elastomer injection-moulded parts : Industries and solutions

GOMEX® is a range of high-quality moulded parts made from elastomers and metal/elastomer composites.
Our modern injection moulding machines enable a wide range of shapes to be achieved using a variety of materials – creating products with exactly the mechanical properties, usage temperatures and chemical and weather resistance that you require. Thanks to these properties, GOMEX® moulded parts have been used successfully for decades in a wide range of applications, including as sieve cleaning balls for sanders, as valve seals, bumpers, sleeves, bellows and much more.

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