FERMADUR®-C is a compression seal made of chloroprene rubber (CR) for UV and ozone stressed joints.

  • Can be installed in almost any weather conditions.
  • No primer or adhesive is needed.
  • Quick and professional installation by trained personnel.
  • Withstands water pressures of up to 1.0 bar.
  • FERMADUR®-C is a sealing profile made of vulcanised, cellular rubber with a closed-cell smooth surface and circular cross-section. 
  • reliably seals joints using restoring forces, which are created by the deformation of the sealing profile when it is installed in the joint. It is not necessary to glue the joint edges. FERMADUR®-C can even be used on unsealed joints that are subject to constant water pressure (of up to 1.0 bar).

FERMADUR®-C : Industries and solutions

For many years, FERMADUR®-C has been used successfully to seal joints in sewer construction and has been proven a highly effective sealant for joints in sewage treatment plants.